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HireScores.com is a unique online community, recruitment agency directory and information source for all things to do with recruitment and working which brings together candidates, employers and recruiters. Its main feature is that it collects and shares feedback on recruiters.  It also facilitates 360 degree feedback in the recruitment area, and hosts a Forum.

Our Challenge

HireScores.com was hosted outside the UK by a large hosting company, whilst satisfied with the hosting side, the combination of a .com url and European hosting meant that google uk rankings were suffering.  The MD and IT Developer had a narrow window to affect the change and were very busy with work commitments.  CS New Media took responsibility for the transfer of the site, including setting up the the dedicated server, securing and configuring to the MD & IT Developers exact requirements

The Outcome

The site was transferred painlessly late Saturday night, a time requested by HireScores.com in order to minimize disruption to users. Due to the detailed planning and preparation carried out in advance both the website and email were migrated in under 45 minutes.

Client Testimonial

Lisette Howlett, MD Web Hires Limited (who run the HireScores.com site) said “We were absolutely delighted.  A key requirement for me was to minimise the impact of the change on my web developer who was working hard on key projects.  CS New Media took over everything and it went like a dream.  My understanding is that foreign hosting does not always impact on the Google ranking of UK sites with a .com but in our case it was a disaster.  Despite being a relative new site we were working up the Google rankings nicely but nowhere on Google UK.  Amazingly within an hour of the site’s DNS being propagated we were showing strongly on Google UK including some #1 positions – I could not believe it.” 

Regarding the service she added: “I have been really impressed by CS New Media – they kept me fully informed of progress, worked to the agreed timescale's and made the change totally painless.  And their ongoing support is superb.  I had been happy enough with my previous hosting (other than the listing problem) but having now experienced the additional support offered by CS New Media am advising everyone to go for a fully managed hosting solution with all the benefits that this brings – as they say in recruitment – you do not know the Gold Standard until you have experienced it - and we certainly now have in terms of hosting. We have signed a three year deal and I could not be happier”

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